Core competence
Vehicle control
  • The industrial-leading core control software

    The development process of the control software based on the model

    The control of the core torque takes both smoothness and efficiency into consideration and system protection

    Systematic design and verification of safety and fault tolerance

    The software architecture based on Autosar

  • Independent hardware design
  • The production of 16-bit vehicle controllers, which has realized 70% of cost reduction and 5% energy saving
  • The development of the industrial-leading 32-bit vehicle controllers
    named 2018Q1 and put into production
Battery management system
The industrial-leading core control software of battery management

The development process of control software based on the models

Core fully validated SOC, SOP, SOH, SOE algorithm

Systematic design and verification of safety and fault tolerance

The software architecture based on Autosar

The mass production the first generation of BMS of Sky-well

which has implemented the cost reduction of 40%%

Increase the mileage by 10%

Quality assurance for eight years

The core competence of the electric machine controllers of Sky-well

Precision IGBT module selection matching

IGBT hardware short circuit protection (also has software protection)

Driver chip using advanced Coreless Transformer (coreless transformer) technology

Excellent thermal simulation and design capabilities

Excellent EMC / EMI analysis capabilities

Drive motor fault diagnosis and failure control technology

Adaptive motor parameters change

Lightweight team

Chief scientist: Zhang Mengyang

Professor and tutor of Ph.D students in Tsinghua University: Hou Zhichao

Doctors (3 persons) : Zhang Yong, Wang Chunhai, Wang Li

Masters (10 persons)

Enterprise-level key R&D project of 2017
The core competencies of lightweight

Strong R & D team and the technical supports of research institutes. The company has in-depth cooperation with such first-class research institutes as Tsinghua University, excellent lightweight material suppliers, etc.

It has advanced abilities on finite elements analysis, adopts topology optimization for the whole vehicles, size optimization and shape optimization and other optimization design methods to carry out the lightweight analysis of the bus frame structures and to make the lightweight structures of the optimized vehicles have more reasonable stress distribution. The weight of the whole vehicle has reduced by 5%;

It adopts many advanced lightweight design methods, such as multi- objectives and global optimization to reduce the self-weight of the vehicles on the premise of ensuring the passive safety and NVH performance of the vehicle.

It has rich experiences on the light weight design and manufacturing of light materials with high strength steels and aluminum alloy and other high strength materials;

CAE analysis ability