Skywell - ceremony of German export.

On September 23, Skywell successfully held an delivery ceremony in Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Co.,Ltd. Under the witness of many guests such as company leaders and industry media, Skyworth ET5 went to Germany to become the representative of China's intelligent manufacturing. They went abroad and entered Germany, the birthplace of cars, which marked new progress in Skywell's further layout of the global market, Brand globalization strategy has entered a new stage.


This batch delivery to Germany has accelerated Skywell's global layout again, and the delivery of vehicles is not the purpose of sales, but the beginning. Skywell will provide customers with a series of customized supporting service solutions including matching construction of charging facilities and formulation of product parameters according to the technical standards, supporting facilities and use environment of different countries. Skywell automobile will use the first-class service with great brand value to shape the brand image for Skywell automobile and win international appreciation for China smart manufacturing.